Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Friendly Fire eps 3-12

I know I've just seen the first four eps but I already love love love JJ (Michael Tse) and Chris (Tavia Yeung) together. I hate how Tavia rejects Michael's proposal because she was worried about her sickness. She was worried that Michael won't love her, she worried that he will leave her after he found out that she have 85% of getting cancer. Seriously Tavia, Michael really loves you.

He call Tavia and she didn't reply. He found her and caught her screaming and playfully slapping Lousie Yeun. When in fact they were screaming at the butterfly. He felt sad and had a one night stand with an old lady. Tavia caught him.

They broke up. None of them would even bother explain. Lousie was Tavia's friend and family doctor.

Sharon move in next door. Sammy and Sharon are a very cute couple! Yay! They have a lot of scenes together!!!

I absolute love the song, "Friend by Tamaki Koji" its the song that represent Tavia and Michael's love story. Seriously, I'm listening to this song on repeat. I really like the song, though I have no idea what the song meant since it is in Japaneses.

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