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Melon's top 4 drama of 2013

Hey guys,
I haven't been blogging lately especially reviewing on drama like I used to do.
Maybe because of the dramas that are airing aren't that appealing to me. I realize that I have skip a lot of drama than last year where I only skip one or two. This year I have skip 3 dramas : Karma Rider, Sniper Standoff and Beauty at War.

My top 4 TVB drama of the year

  1. A Great Way To Care 2

Starring: Tavia Yeung, Alex Fong, Yoyo Mung, Edwin Siu, Christine Kuo, Aimee Chan, Oscar Leung...

I have mention about this drama for about five time already about how much I really like the storyline. I like how the story relates to psychiatry, and how to solve the case through reading people behavior. The cases stand out to me a lot especially Tavia's case because it is believable that her father were alive and he is helping justice by 'getting rid of' the bad people. And as the case slowly tell me that Tavia's dad have died 1 year ago and Tavia have only image in it all this time because she is sick with a sickness call  schizophrenia.  In other words, Tavia is the one that have done all the wrong things. The ending shock me the most, Tavia realize that she have done the bad things and while trying to escape she shoot herself in the head. I realize that moment Tavia's character have change a lot. At the start of the drama, she play as an undercover police, then she became a policeman again and became a nice person and then in the end she became someone unrecognizable.

2. A Change of Heart

Starring: Michael Mui, Bosco Wong, Niki Chow, Joey Mung, Mandy Wong, Vincent Wong, Eliane Yiu, JJ Jia, Benjamin Yeun....

I like the storyline of this drama. It is fresh and different from the same TVB storyline lately that are airing.
Michael used to be mean and selfish businessman but has change since he has a change of heart from the doctor Bosco. It is sad watching the doctor Bosco died because he is a good character and he were going to married Niki but he died and of course the famous smiling cloud.
Bosco's twin brother return to Hong Kong and soon enough he has change too. He change from someone who only think about him to someone who care about others. I'm glad that Bosco and Niki got married in the end. Also I like the ending of this drama. The ending when Joey Mung return from a few months with plastic surgery that look exactly like Niki because she thought Michael love Niki but really he only love Joey. Joey love her husband so much that she risk her life to save his. In the end, Michael became an eggplant farmer and meet a primary school  teacher with a look-a-like to his wife, Joey.

3. Triumph in the Skies 2

Starring: Francis Ng, Chilam Cheung, Ron Ng, Kenneth Ma, Him Law, Myolie Wu, Fala Chen, Nancy Wu, Elena Kong, Adrian Chau....

I have review on the drama and so I won't say much here. I like Ron and Myolie a lot in this drama because they are so cute.
Watching this drama makes me want to be pilot and make me wonder what the feeling of flying in the sky is like. It make me understand how flying a plane is so difficult to understand and very professional especially when the pilot uniform and the hat make the pilot look so charming (Ron, Him, Kenneth). I don't remember much about the first season of this drama but I like this one a lot because of the Pre-Pilot-Project. It make me want to buy an airplane ticket and fly around the world especially England, France and Taiwan. (The countries they film in). The scenery looks very beautiful. TVB should make more drama like this one. I heard that they will make a movie version for this drama. Filming will begin next year in January or so. I'm looking forward to the movie.

4. Always and Ever

Starring: Bobby Au Yeung, Ester Kwan, Mandy Wong, Derek Kwok,  Benjamin Yeun, Christine Kuo, Adrian Chau...

I like this drama because of three lifetime of love story between Bobby and Ester. Every time Bobby would accidentally kill Ester and he would travel back in time to the dynasty as Circle King, a man that has a moon on his forehead. I heard that he is a legend. 
Bobby meet a scholar that looks like Ester from the modern world which he has time travel to the dynasty. He try to tell her that he is from the modern world and that she is his girlfriend but she doesn't believe him. Eventually, she did and Bobby teach her how to make a mattress, a musical box and how to use CPR. Again, he kill her by accidentally and he travel to Hong Kong in 1950's. This time he is a policeman that take people tax money. Ester is female gang leader. After twist and turn, he kill her and travel back to modern world. Ester is alive and she knows about the three lifetime death curse, and the only way to end it is to make the person that hate them most to stop hating them which in this case is old Mandy. Mandy did get her revenge but she feel guilty.

What I like most is that all the cast from the dynasty and the 1950's in Hong Kong return in the modern world as someone else.  Bobby keep on calling their name from the previous lives. In the end, the curse is lift and they lived happily ever after.

I couldn't come up with another drama that I like yet which is why it is top 4 not 5. These drama are the drama that stand out to me from the rest of the other drama throughout the year so far. I know that On Call 36  2 would soon released on TVB channel. I'm looking forward to On Call, I hope that it would still be as good as the first one or maybe better. I have high expectation for On Call 36 2.

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