Sunday, 7 July 2013

A Change Of Heart eps 7-10

Bosco used his connection from his brother to get a job at Michael's company. Now he work as a bartender.

Mandy, Bosco, Vincent, Nikki and Elaine are good friends.

Michael begins to have a connection with Bosco. Especially the game, MasterMind.

Bosco help Vincent get his phone back by pretending to be a rich man and ordering expensive foods and borrow Mandy's phone (originally owe by Vincent) and made her pay the price, which she ask Nikki to pay for her.

Mandy lives with Nikki now.

Elaine likes Vincent, Vincent likes Mandy, Mandy thinks Bosco is attractive.

Nikki kept on comparing Bosco with his doctor brother.

I think Nikki really misses the doctor Bosco. She often sees Bosco as his doctor brother.

Joey ignore Bosco and doesn't like him because she knows that he is using her husband, Michael to get promoted.

I really Bosco. He is so funny and I miss his humorous side.


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