Sunday, 24 July 2016

Every Step You Take

When I first watched this drama, I gave up on after two episodes and re-watched The Heirs instead.

The second time, I watched it again, I found a new perspective to this drama.

The first time I watched it, I got two things out of it, no one likes Moses and that Jonathan will cheat on Myolie.

The second time I watched it, I also have the same thoughts this time but found that beside that aspect, it is about Moses finding himself.

Moses is a typical 40 year old man who focus his time on work and spending time with his Serious mother. He used people to helped him achieve what he needed. He has changed since three years ago when he got promoted to Creative Director. He did not care about anyone but work. He lost himself through that three years, in that three years the people who used to worship him, loath him. The people around him slowly decreases.
It was not until Elaine told him that no one likes him, what he does is wrong, and because of him, she hates her job. He used to be someone she looked up to but not anymore.

Afterwards, Moses took a 108 days of leave from work to reconnect himself again. He wants to find his passion in his creative work. One of Moses work is, 'Love is eternal, nothing's impossible,' and in one of his ads, is about an angel that gave up his eternity to be with the girl he loves, he gave it up to see the girl smile. Because smile is eternal. Yet, Moses could not find his love.

He met Myolie and To Junior. They both helped each other through Myolie's break up with Jonathan because like she said, 'A blind heart is worse than being blind,' she knew that Jonathan chose to be with her because of responsibility but his heart is not with her. So she let him go.
Myolie helped Moses patch his broken brotherhood relationship with Evergreen by encouraging him to make the first move to text Evergreen.

Moses and Myolie slowly grew fond of each other and they were there for each other. They have a connection with each other three years ago through his ads. That is fate.

Side note, Owen and Cila's love story seem a little unrealistic to me. Really?! He loves her because she always back him. I don't know, and then travel to Japan spontaneously with no luggage, how do you survive?

Anyways, like Moses and Myolie always say in the drama, Keep going, keep fighting and keep smiling!

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