Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Music: LF, Linda Chung and Bosco Wong

Got to try to keep up to date with CPOP 
Raymond Lam- Show Me
The beat is alright but this, to me, personally is not my fav.
I like the rap though. 
Credit of the vid should go to the rightful owner 
Raymond Lam- Heart Attack
The beat is good, and the chorus is catchy. LF is back guys! 

Belongs to the rightful owner 
Bosco Wong- Detective Dee Theme
Its in Mandarin. The melody is nice.
Have anyone seem this drama? Is it good? 
Belongs to the rightful owner 
Linda Chung- I Got Married
Linda composed the songs and the lyrics were written by Wong Cho Lam. Honestly, Linda should really composed more songs because I love it. This song is so cute and all the fluff guys! TOO CUTE! Really like the chorus too! Congrats on your marriage! 

Belongs to the rightful owner

Do you guys have anymore suggestions? Have not listens to CPOP for so long 

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