Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Melon's notes

Hey guys,
Thank you for your continuous support!
Even though I haven't blog for a month now!
So far, I haven't seen Slow Boat Home nor A Change of Heart! A bit slow on dramas!
I'm just re-watching To Grow With Love, starring Andy Hui and Myolie Wu. I love this drama because the story line is cute and romance! I like how Myolie is rich but leaves her wealth behind searching for the man that can communicate with her through the hand print on the sunset painting. When she found the man, she would keep on searching and thought that the man is Matthew Ko, but he isn't. While she search for the man, Kenneth Ma continue to confess his love for her. Lets' not forget that Kenneth's character is rich, dorky-like and weak while Myolie's character is more curves. Kenneth likes her because she has a big ass which he always say, big ass would have plenty of children.
When Myolie found the man that can transform the hand print to sunflower and say that sunflower can something about sunset related. The man is Andy Hui. The man that Myolie hates because he is against her and her weight. He is a designer and she is a designer too. Basically, they hate each other.

When Andy forget his memory, she lies and fatten him up by making him drink coconut juice. Eventually, he gain his memory again and he hates her. He realise that he love her because when he lose his memory, the time they spent time together were the happiest! Myolie loves him but try to forget him by marrying Kenneth. Kenneth realise that she never got over Andy and decide to let her go and will win her back when she fully loves him. Though that never happen because in the end, he was alone. (Which is why in Season Of Love they were together as a couple, so if you feel sorry for him, don't worry he ends up with her in Season of Love- Winter)
Andy broke up with his girlfriend, Claire Yiu and chase Myolie. And during the ups and down, they end up together because they live happily ever after! Selina Li and Jack Wu were a couple too!

I decide to re-watch this drama because it was cute, the storyline is sweet and I feel like watching something light-hearted since the drama lately aren't that appealing yet.

I heard that Slow Boat Home and A Change Of Heart are good, so I will give these two a try and write my reviews for it soon!

Again, thank you guys for your continuous support for Lets Talk TVB blog!

-Melon XD

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